Monday, November 24, 2014


By: Jace Thompson                                                                                                                        Adventure to me is doing something fun and different. In the movie Blind Sight, they climb Mount Everest blind. I have been on adventures in my life. Like white water rafting, Zipling, and Traveling. What will be your adventure? Will you go mountain climbing, skydiving, Traveling, exploring, or even just going to a water park. Have an adventure.

Friday, November 14, 2014

American Freedom

Jace Thompson The USA has celebrations and symbols of freedom. Some of the celebrations and symbols of freedom are the 4th of July, the flag, and the many monuments.

The 4th of July is the birth day of the USA. It is the day we became free. We celebrate it with many beautiful colors of fireworks.  Families come together to celebrate the 4th.

The flag is a symbol of freedom. The red represents the blood and hardness. The white represents the innocent. The blue represents the vigils and justice. The stars are for the 50 states and remembering. The stripes are for the 13 colonies and hope.

We have monuments that represent freedom. The Statue of Liberty in New York. The faces of Mount Rushmore. The forces monuments In D.C. The white House where our president lives.

Those are some symbols and celebrations of freedom. You can visit some monuments. You can Pled to the flag. You can celebrate the 4th of July with many fireworks. America, the land of the free.