Friday, August 29, 2014


My Bedroom

Here is my room, it is big with light blue walls. In the far corner is my bunk bed. It is red and wooden. The funny thing is its is red and i don’t like red.. It is tall and hard to get into to get in it because I try not to hit my had on my celling. Next to that is my wooden hanging chair. It hangs on a crescent moon bended pole. It is fun to swing around on. Next to that is my desk. It is wooden and painted light blue. I put my office supplies their. Above it I have a lime green bulletin board where I put my notes. 

By my door I have my HUGE shelf. It is wooden. My t.v and old toys are on it. Next to that are my treasures. They are on my shelf. I put the stuff that I got at places I traveled too. I have a lot. My Walt Disney World Ordainments are on my shelf. I got the at Disney Showcase.They are very special to me. I am rich beyond measure.